30 before 30


Why is it that the jump from your 20s to your 30s is the most terrifying? It certainly is for me anyway. Am I where I should be? Have I really lived my 20s to the fullest? It’s all just a continuous question. August 8th, 2020 I will hit the big 3-0. It has terrified me since the day I hit 22 to be perfectly frank with you. Something my mum says to me suddenly resonates in my mind.

“It’s better than the alternative babe”

Right she is. It is better than the alternative, whatever that may be (I like to imagine some kind of paradise where Spurs actually win the league and I can eat all the calories I want, surrounded with all the Pomeranians I can dream of).

With that in mind, I am making a conscientious effort, in the year (and a bit) running up to my 30th to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do. Whether small or large, things that make me happy and make me appreciative for everything I have.


1.Buy a piece of art

I’ve always loved art. I miss living in London and going to the TATE or The National Gallery on my lunch break. Nothing soothes me more than plugging my earphones in and wiling away an hour looking at some beautiful art. I want that kind of relaxation at home.

2.Visit the Little Mermaid Statue – Copenhagendone, November 2019

I think this has been my favourite film since the day I was born. My obsession soon spread to the fairytale and then to all of Hans Christian Anderson’s work. I want to see where it all began.

3. Go to a Michelin star restaurantdone, April 2019 – The Walnut Tree, Abergavenny

I’ve been to a few before but never really fully appreciated it (too young). I want to go and spend an offensive amount of money on food and wine and really indulge in the moment.

4. Take a cooking class

Maybe Asian or Pan-pacific? Something with stacks of flavour and spice!

5. Entirely finish one room in my house – Decor included!

I’ve managed to tick buy a house off my list but it’s still slightly in renovation nightmare stage. I want to fully finish one room, top to bottom, and just really love it!!

6. Read 50 books in one year

No explanation needed other than, PURE ESCAPISM. Oh, and it’s good for my brain.

7. Go to New Yorkdone, September 2019, The greatest trip of my life to date ♥

I have never been. How have I never been?! I want to go and revel in all the cliches of my NY minutes.

8. Take a spa day for no particular reason

Self-care. Self-love.

9. Create a home office space

Kind of the same as no.5 but I don’t care. I want a space where I can work from home! Instead of in front of the tv watching Sex and the City re-runs.

10. A road trip through Scotland

I fell in love with Edinburgh the second I stepped a foot into it. Ever since I have been yearning to see more of this beautiful country. Ideally, I’d like to travel through the highlands and maybe stay on the coast too.

11. See an operadone, September 2019, Carmen at the WMC

”Did you like the opera, dear?”- “It was so good, I almost peed my pants”

12. Go to the Harry Potter studio – done, Joe took me for my 29th birthday! August 2019

No need to explain.

13. Attempt to conquer my fear of fish – (Please note the word attempt)

The thought of going into the sea surrounded by fish repulses me. Which of course means I have been to some of the most beautiful coastlines and islands in the world only to sit on a dry, hot beach whilst my family and friends frolic in the crystal blue waters. So, sadly for me, it means me getting up close to Nemo and his gang…

14. See a Tottenham game at the new stadium

My childhood team. Devastated to see White Hart Lane (Our old stadium) knocked down but I can’t wait to see the new one! Football is all about time with my family for me and is a huge part of my childhood memories. I plan on creating many more in our new location.

15. Learn how to make a really good cocktail

I feel like everyone needs a good cocktail in their locker.


16. Plan my own 30th birthday party – exactly how I want it!

Anyone that knows me knows that I l.o.v.e organising. It makes no sense for me to lumber one of my loved ones with planning a do for me if I can just plan it myself and really enjoy planning it!!

17. Start my own home veg/herb patch

I already grow rhubarb in my garden and it feels so amazing when I pick it and can make a lovely tart or crumble. I want to get my Charlie Dimmock hat on (or should that be a white vest) and start growing more!

18. Travel to a new country

I’ve been very fortunate to travel to some beautiful places, some of which I have fell head over heels for and so gone back time after time. It’s time I fell in love with somewhere new!

19. Go see a concert – and make it a good one.

I’m talking Tom Jones, Fleetwood Mac, Cher… A real superstar.

20. Build a real skincare regime

A real one, that doesn’t consist of cold water, Sephora make-up remover and a cotton pad.

21. Buy myself an expensive pair of shoes

If you hadn’t already guessed, I basically want to be Carrie Bradshaw. For my 18th birthday, I begged and begged my parents to buy me these. Totally impracticable, I’ve worn them only a handful of times. So my next pair is going to need to be wearable. I’m thinking maybe something like this. Or these. Oooohhh or these!!

22. Pay it forward

Do a kind deed for a random stranger and for no particular reason. Kindness matters!

23. Do something that I have never done before done, March 2019 – Duck herding and Sausage making at The Celtic Manor

Or should I say several things? I want to run toward the weird and the wonderful and push myself out of my routine. I want to see new places and do new activities that I would never normally do. That’s the way we find out what we like right?

24. Take a picnic

This may seem like such a basic one but I think going for a picnic is one of the loveliest things you can do. Away from technology, soaking up the sunshine, watching the world pass you by. All whilst drinking prosecco out of plastic flutes.

25. Learn how to make sushi

Please pardon my ignorance, I know sushi refers to the rice so really I mean learn how to make maki, temaki, sashimi etc. I eat enough of the stuff, I should at least learn how to make it.

26. Create a capsule wardrobe

I am awful about buying an outfit every time I go somewhere new. I wear it once and then it resides in my wardrobe (floordrobe, same thing) never to be seen again. It’s bad for my bank balance and bad for our lovely planet. So, I want to build a capsule wardrobe. Think lots of tailored, classic pieces that can be styled up for all seasons.

27. Have a Harry Potter marathon

The books were such a huge part of my childhood. The films shortly followed. The magic has stayed with me even now when I’m 28(.5). The plan is to watch all 8 movies in just one weekend. That’s 19 hours, 39 minutes of heaven.

28. Take a ride on a horse-drawn carriagedone, and in the ultimate location, Central Park September 2019

I’m a girl that has an unhealthy obsession with chick flicks. Sorry, can’t help it, let me live my fairytale.

29. Learn to dance

Joe insisted on this one as he doesn’t believe “The Robot” is appropriate to pull out at weddings. Whatever.

30. Have a piece of my work officially publisheddone!!!, August 2019, Thank you Visit Cardiff

That’s the dream, isn’t it? Its why I started this blog, it’s what I’ve always dreamt of. Let’s set the bar high.




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